About the Database

This is the sister database for Molecular Ecology Resources (formerly known as Molecular Ecology Notes), containing the details for reported loci (i.e., primer sequences, amplification conditions, polymorphism levels, cross-species amplification, and literature citations) in a searchable format.

The database contains all Primer Note submissions to Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Notes and Resources. It is hoped that this database will become the on-line resource for molecular markers developed for "non-commercial" and non-model species.

The database may be searched using either the search page (searches based on family, genus or species names) or, in the future, an advanced search page, which will allow more flexible and detailed queries as the database grows.

Authors whose data have been accepted for publication in the database should familiarize themselves with the database submission instructions and then use the database submission form to add their data.

For your convenience, links to the search page, this page, and the Molecular Ecology Resources homepage at the Blackwell site are positioned at the top and bottom of each page.

If you have any questions or comments about this site, please email the database/website administrator.